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In 1997, a song was released that captured the attention of listeners enough to chart it in no less than 10 European countries before heading to chart worldwide. This song, based on J.S Bach’s Air on a G String was called Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. The project behind the track was called Sweetbox. And for many, this is all they know. But in reality this only one string to their bow. Or maybe more appropriately, only one flavour to this sweet box.

Starting back in 1995, the project has had several leading ladies including Kimberley Kearney, Dacia Bridges, Tina Harris, Jade Villalon and most recently Jamie Pineda. Now in 2013, there’s an alteration to this recipe as for the first time in almost 20 year history there will be two fronting the group; Miho Fukuhara & Logiq Pryce, each bringing something a little different whilst maintaining that familiar sound that Sweetbox has become known for; sampling classical pieces and mixing them with elements of modern music.

To date, Sweetbox have accumulated 8 studio & 11 compilation albums resulting in 1 double platinum certification (1998’s self titled debut Sweetbox) and 4 Gold certifications (2004’s Adagio, 2005’s The Greatest Hits, 2006’s Addicted and 2007’s Complete Best) and no less than 20 singles earning numerous top 10 positions worldwide. During this time, six tours of Japan and one of Korea have been undertaken as well as appearances on shows in both regions and in Europe.

Sweetbox has lent it’s sound and voice to companies such as Coca Cola,Toyota, L’oreal, Subaru & Lancome as well as being featured in video games (Final Fantasy X-2 (worldwide) & Club Audition (Korea)) and fillm & TV (Marienhof (Germany), Paradise Kiss (Japan) & City Hunter (Korea))

Over the years Sweetbox has received dozens of accolades, and awards. Crowned as Asia's number 1 cross over artist, Sweetbox has received two Japanese Gold Disc Awards for Best Song (Everything's Gonna Be Alright) & Best International Artist as well as being awarded the Digital Cyworld Award for being Korea's all time best selling download artist (international).

The history of Sweetbox has been varied & different like its concept; a sweet box. Never been one to be ordinary or predictable, here's to Sweetbox continuing to delight fans all over the world with an enormous passion and emotional power that has seen it through the first 20 years!

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