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Creative differences happen in all walks of life, and that is how new things are born. This is perhaps the best explanation for the birth of what is now known as Sweetbox Haven. In 2005 a difference between web admins of another Sweetbox fan site happened. One believed that in order to see where the music was going, what had happened in the past, as well as the present and possible future had to be acknowledged. The other didn't agree and wanted to focus more on the current front woman at the time. And so the decision came, not so much to part ways, but to each manage a site so that each creative sides could be pleased. And hence, a site was born

In the beginning, it was just a mere throwing together of pages of albums that were known. But just as life evolves, so too did the site. More information was gathered regarding releases and soon, it wasn't just the albums that were being documented. Soon other sections sprouted from that young root and took the forms of sections dedicated to singles, promotional releases & extras such as a list of classical pieces found in the music of Sweetbox to name but a few. It also became the home to what is probably the largest, if not only, collection of Sweetbox guitar chords on the internet.

Time passed, and as one site went travelling to follow the solo career of one front woman, this one remained true to it's purpose; supporting the past, present & future of a project that is soon to celebrate 20 years since first popping up on the music scene. This site is by no means complete though! There are still a few gaps that still need to be filled but we hope that it proves useful to YOU; the generations of fans. No matter if you're an long term fan or just joining us, you're in the UK, US or Japan or anywhere else in the world or if you just happened to stumble upon us by accident. We welcome you to come and join the family and share in the never ordinary world that is Sweetbox.

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