Greatest Hits

Japan Korea

Release Date: 2nd February 2005
Cat.No: AVCD-17603

1. Everything's Gonna be Alright -reborn-
2. Life is Cool
3. For the Lonely (Even Sweeter Version)
4. Waterfall
5. After the Lights
6. Killing me DJ
7. Hate Without Frontiers
8. Read my Mind
9. Don't Wanna Kill you
10. Piano in the Dark
11. Every time (All Grown up Version)
12. Crown of Thorns
13. Utopia
14. Lighter Shade of Blue (European Version)
15. On the Radio
16. Somewhere
17. Chyna Girl
18. Cinderella (Electric Spice Mix)
19. Everything's Gonna be Alright (Classic mix)
20. Unforgiven (Unreleased Demo Version)





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