Jade ~Silver Edition~

Released Date: 5th March 2003
Cat. No: AVCD-17245

Part I - Private Session
1. Alright (Acoustic)
2. Don't Push me (Acoustic)
3. Utopia (Acoustic)
4. Lighter Shade of Blue (Acoustic)
5. Not Your Doctor (Acoustic)
6. Human Sacrifice (Acoustic)
7. Unforgiven (Acoustic)
8. Easy Come, Easy go (Acoustic)
Part II - Remixes
9. Read my Mind (Acoustic)
10. Unforgiven (Geo's Mix)
11. Here on my Own
12. Read my Mind (Jazztronic mix)

DVD (Region 2)
1. Read my Mind
2. Lighter Shade of Blue
3. Unforgiven




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