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Country: Japan
Cat. No:AVCS-11683
1. Addicted


Special Selection [Tower Records]
Country: Japan
Cat No.:AVCS-11733
1. Everything's Gonna Be Alright [Classic Mix]
2. Utopia


Special Selection [HMV Japan]
Country: Japan
Cat.No: AVCS-11734
1.Everything's Gonna Be Alright [Classic Mix]
2. Lighter Shade Of Blue
3. Lacrimosa


Country: Korea
Cat. No:PROM10172C
1. Addicted (Album Version)
2. Addicted (Bpm Clubmix)
3. Addicted (Boom Boom Remix Ft. DJ Bo and InDJaction Crew)
4. Addicted (Rich Rich Remix Ft. ATD and Da Rich Crew)
5. Addicted (Pot Black Club Mix)


Here Comes The Sun
Country: Japan
Cat. No:AVCS-11742
1. Here Comes The Sun




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