Where Are They Now?

This page is dedicated to the past vocalists/front women of Sweetbox to provide some information about what happened after they left Sweetbox and what they are up to at present.

Kimberley Kearney
Kimberly Kearney (better known these days as 'Poprah') was the first vocalist with Sweetbox although appeared on releases under the alias of Tempest. Although only providing vocals on one song, Kearney is credited with co-writting Shakalaka and Never Alone (The X-Mas Song). She appeared on the reality TV show “I Want To Work For Diddy”, however that aside, she is CEO of her own TV, Music and Film production company Hollywood South Productions. (Main site: http://www.poprah.net/)



Dacia Bridges
Dacia is woman number two and helped provide vocals on Shakalaka and Wot (Feat. Jon). In recent years she has been focusing on her solo career and that of her band (Dacia and the WMD). Visit Dacia at her main site daciabridges.com (in German) and her band daciawmd.com (English/German)



Tina Harris
Albertina "Tina" Harris saw her first taste of the music business as a back up dancer in the Euro-dance group Snap! opening for Michael Jackson. It wasn't until 1998 that Tina was properly introduced to the world as the front woman of Sweetbox with the worldwide hit Everything's Gonna Be Alright.
Having left Sweetbox, Tina wrote, arranged and produced her own solo album Love Makes The World Go Round although this seemed to have slipped under the radar.The album is available to download on iTunes plus there is new work coming out in 2013. Visit tinaharris.com for more information

Jade Valerie Villalon
Jade was first revealed as the newest Sweetbox front woman in 2000/2001 with her first album Classified being released in Europe and Asia. Jade would go on to have a further 4 studio albums (Jade, Adagio, After The Lights & Addicted). Most notable, Jade provided the vocals on for the English versions of the songs real Emotion and 1000 Words from the game Final Fantasy X-2. It is these two tracks that many fans say introduced them to Sweetbox. In 2007, Jade left Sweetbox in order to pursue a solo career under the name the stage name Jade Valerie. Since then she has since released albums under the aliases of Eternity and Saint Vox (a collaboration with up coming Japanese violinist Emiri Miyamoto). More recently, she has been focusing on song writing for up and coming artists, as well as on her own projects. Visit the official website (www.jadevalerie.com) or Jade Valerie Nation (www.jade-nation.com)

Jamie Pineda
Jamie came into the spotlight back in 2009 with a few snippets and demos of songs appearing on the official site. 2010 would see the release of The Next Generation followed in 2011 by Diamond Veil, from which the song I Know You're Not Alone featured in the live action version of the Japanese manga Paradise Kiss. It's not know what happened for Jamie to leave, however apparently she isn't done with music yet. Follow the page on facebook to get more details

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